Network (100)

Network SAS Provider

AUD $16,499.00


To set up as an SAS Provider you are entering a 12 month subscription contract to use the SAS Small Group Program Digital Edition software.


The above price includes both the first year establishment fee and the annual cost.

If you are renewing an existing SAS Provider, the price above is your renewal cost only. 

If you choose the monthly payment option, the first year establishment fee will be included in the intitial transaction.


There are four (4) different categories of subscription (SAS Provider Package):

  • Hub – including 6 cadet places

  • Bureau – including 24 cadet places

  • Network – including 100 cadet places

  • Flexi – no included cadet places

Each SAS Provider category unlocks a different pricing level for purchasing additional cadet places.

The SAS Provider Terms and Conditions outline the subscription agreement SAS Provider services enter into with the Social Skills Training Institute.

The pricing for the different categories of subscription can be reviewed for your country/region.

Before entering into the SAS Provider subscription of your choice, please review the Subscription Change and Cancellation Policy.