Professional Best Practice for social-emotional learning is about combining your skills with the best available evidence to work FLEXIBLY and creatively to meet your clients needs!

Professionals are invited to view our recorded webinar to review the evolution and current state of Secret Agent Society including different ways that professionals and researchers use their expertise to flexibly deliver the program in different settings, with different child profiles, and also with neuro-divergent affirming ways. Explore how SAS can be utilised to prepare children for life’s social and emotional challenges.

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There are many options:

InclusionEd Classroom Teaching Practice and Worksheets (whole-of-class, small group, individual - focus on emotion awareness)
SAS Small Group Program (structured yet flexible - group and individual options)
SAS Computer Game Pack & physical E-Telligence Pack (flexible tools that can also be used in a structured manner)
Neurodivergent and Neurotypical profiles (compatible with Neurodivergent-affirming practice)
Evidence across Clinics and Schools (delivered by Psychologists, Teachers, Behaviour Analysists, Speech Pathologists and more)
Home and Professional Services (DIY by parents or professionally-led: in-person or via telehealth services)


Let’s learn how best-practice approaches for social-emotional learning involves flexible approaches to using teaching tools/resources!

  • Would you like to learn about how clinicians and educators use their expertise to individualise trusted SAS Small Group program to meet a family’s unique needs?
  • Are you confused about evidence-based practice in a world where there are lots of new or untested options with persuasive marketing campaigns?
  • Did you see SAS many years ago and want to know how it has evolved and what the different resource options there are now?
  • Are you aware of all the different ‘versions’ of SAS and the different contexts you can use the resources to complement your professional toolkit?
  • How do neurodivergent-affirming therapists and educators use SAS with children and families?

Watch the recorded webinar anytime. 


Exploring SAS through a Flexible Professional Best Practice Lens

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