To set up as an SAS Provider you will also enter a 12 month subscription (SAS Provider Terms and Conditions) to use the SAS Small Group Program Digital Edition software.

There are four (4) categories of subscription (SAS Provider Package):

  • Hub – including 6 cadet places
  • Bureau – including 24 cadet places
  • Network – including 100 cadet places
  • Flexi – no included cadet places

Each SAS Provider category also unlocks a different pricing level for purchasing additional cadet places.


The following summarises the associated Subscription Change and Cancellation Policy for the purchase of an SAS Provider subscription:

  1. The one-year subscription expires 12 months after sign-up and is recurring with automatic renewal when paid on an annual basis.
  2. Two (2) payment options (annual or monthly) are available for the Hub, Bureau and Network SAS subscriptions.
  3. Only an annual payment is available for the Flexi subscription.
  4. First year establishment fees are billed at the initial transaction of the first year regardless of annual or monthly payment option:
    • Annual payment option includes the establishment fee in first year payment and not the subsequent years.
    • Monthly, includes the establishment fee in the first month payment and not the subsequent months.
  5. Subscription holders are responsible for paying the entire subscription amount regardless of annual or monthly payment choice.
  6. If deciding to cancel before the 12 months is complete, you can maintain access to all SAS Provider benefits until the subscription period expires by letting it expire rather than selecting to cancel.
  7. If selecting the option to cancel before the 12 months is complete, access to the software will close and the linked SAS facilitation team will no longer be able to use the platform.
  8. If deciding to cancel (or not renew) at the 12-month expiry date, no refunds are available for unused elements and access to the SAS Provider benefits will cease.
  9. If deciding to cancel (or not renew) and subsequently deciding to recommence, a new SAS Provider subscription will need to be established, including the first year establishment fee.
  10. Choosing to change your category of SAS Provider subscription for your next annual period will not attract an additional establishment fee.
  11. If choosing a monthly payment of the annual subscription, and the payment fails to be made, your SAS Provider benefits will cease after one month if the payment issue is not rectified.
  12. No refunds are available for subscription holders.
  13. To ensure equity, no exceptions will be made. For example:
    • No refunds are available for cancelling before the 12-month term is complete and if under a monthly payment choice, will be billed for the remainder of the 12-months.
    • There are no prorated refunds for cancelled or downgraded subscriptions.
    • SST will not issue refunds to Annual Plan customers based on customers not understanding the system requirements, or the presence of compatibility issues, including inadequate internet speed or consistency, or incompatible devices, operating systems, or browser software versions.