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We were thrilled to attend the INSAR 2023 and 20244 Annual Meetings in Stockholm and Melbourne. These events are devoted to advancing knowledge about autism and we enjoyed meeting the research scientists who are driving progress. 

New research into the efficacy of Secret Agent Society (SAS) was also shared!

Check out the poster summaries below.


Tech Demo Poster 2024:

Assessing uptake of digital tools in clinical practice


Research Poster (2024):

Community-Based Implementation of the Secret Agent SocietY (Pediatric Hospital, Canada) 


Research Poster 1 (2023):

Evidence of Impact in an Irish Outpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS, Ireland)


Research Poster 2 (2023):

Benefits of an Online Small Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Program for Autistic Children During
the Pandemic: Evidence from a Community-based Implementation StudY (Autism clinics, canadA)


Research Poster 3 (2023):

Mental Health Challenges and Emotion Dysregulation: In-Person vs. Online: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Autistic Youth


Research Poster 4 (2023):

Coherence of Parental Representations Following Therapy for Autistic Children


Tech Demo Poster (2023):

Access, acceptability and satisfaction of pivoting online.