Empowering Children since 2009.

The SAS evidence-based framework has options for:

  • Online clinical services and distance education, 
  • Face-to-face clinical or educational services, as well as
  • Home-based use by parents and children with or without the supervision of a trained SAS professional!

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Event: Request A Demonstration for Your Team

Our live online events assist you to explore the SAS Small Group Program while having your questions answered.

We will: 

  • Share an overview of the innovative SAS digital health solution;
  • Summarise the strong and growing evidence-base;
  • Demonstrate the resources for children, facilitators, parents and teachers; and
  • Answer your questions!

Please email us at sas@sst-institute.net to request a live demo session or individual consultation.

There are currently SAS Providers in these major regions:

Canada & USA 

UK & Ireland 

Australia & New Zealand 


At the core of the different SAS intervention programs, is our SAS Digital Headquarters (SAS Digital HQ) designed to capture the interest of children and make learning easier.

SAS Digital HQ includes four levels of gamified learning, a Mission Journal for self-reflection on real life practice tasks, a multi-user Skill Tracker system, digital E-Telligence Pack and other tools.

Watch our short trailer to get a sneak-peak of the SAS Digital HQ!

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Contact us at sas@sst-institute.net