Pre-2021 SAS Family Kit (Discontinued)

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This product is no longer available.

Please contact the Social Skills Training Institute if you are a family currently enrolled in the SAS Small Group Program and have been asked to purchase an SAS Family Kit directly from us.

Please also contact us if you are an SAS Facilitator who has not yet transitioned to the digital edition of the SAS Small Group Program.

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For the last 10+ years, the SAS Small Group Program has been evolving as it transforms children’s lives across the globe. Now it is time to step into the future.

SAS is transitioning from the physical to the digital by combining family and facilitator resources within one integrated software package. The evidence-based content and program structure will now be accessed through an intuitive and engaging online platform that streamlines program delivery and participation for all users in face-to-face or telehealth sessions.

This new digital edition of the SAS Small Group Program is by far the most revolutionary yet!

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SAS Small Group Program digital edition does not rely on the requirement of physical resources. The program materials and protocols will continue to be used, however these have been revolutionised to be interactive, engaging and modernised within the platform.

The physical SAS E-Telligence Pack  which contains Emotionometers and their corresponding stickers, Relaxation gadget Cards, and Skill Code Cards will continue to be available for purchase in 2021. The pack may be considered as an additional purchase to provide physical reference materials to supplement to the child’s use of the SAS Small Group Program software, if desired.

SAS Small Group (digital edition)