SAS E-Telligence Pack

V2 ETP01
AUD $46.00


SAS Stand-Alone Resource

The SAS E-Telligence Pack can accompany the SAS Computer Game Pack or the SAS Small Group Program.

This pack contains SAS Skill Code Cards, Relaxation Gadget Cards, Anger and Anxiety Emotionometers, stickers and a Code Card Holder.

When used to accompany the SAS Small Group Program, children have both digital and physical copies of a selection of their Gadget Pack items. 

When used together with the SAS Computer Game Pack, the E-Telligence Pack helps you work flexibly with an individual child, or using one SAS Computer Game Pack with multiple children over time, or as a group/class of children.

Typically the E-Telligence Pack is purchased one per child.



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