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SAS Small Group Program
SAS Computer Game Pack and Challenger Board Game

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  • Flexible use by clinicians with their clients
  • Flexible use by staff at schools with classes or individuals
  • Use at home with your kids
  • No training needed, purchase at anytime

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Fun, ready made resources for social skills and emotions

SAS Small Group Program Resources

Multiple university evaluations and community trials support the effectiveness of SAS Small Group for improving the social and emotional skills of children in clinic and school settings.

The whole program has been designed to captivate kids while they learn new social emotional skills in a fun way.

Secret Agent Society team high fiving


  • Animated ‘secret agent’ computer game
  • Helpful Thought Missile action game
  • Challenger board game
  • Friendship Formula
  • Secret Message Transmission Device game
  • Bully-Guard Body Armour
  • And many more!


SAS is an award winning evidence-based curriculum that helps children improve their social and emotional resilience. Child group sessions are complimented by parent resources and education, teacher tip sheets, real-life missions and a system to monitor progress and reward achievement.

SAS Family Kit

A Secret Agent Society Family Kit is provided to every family as they move through the SAS Small Group program with a trained SAS Facilitator.

What’s inside?

  • The SAS Computer Game

The SAS Computer Game teaches children about recognising and regulating emotions and social skills through the theme of training as cadet secret agents. The game is designed to engage children in the learning and practicing of social and emotional skills. It also provides an electronic platform for debriefing social situations and computer based home mission recording.

  • The SAS Cadet Handbook

The SAS Cadet Handbook is used in sessions and at home to guide learning through the SAS group program. The Cadet Handbook includes large full-colour illustrations of new skills, group session activities, questions, home missions and a secret agent journal for recording how children use their SAS skills in real life.

  • The SAS Parent Workbook

The SAS Parent Workbook is used in parent sessions and provides parents with a lasting summary of what children learn in the program and tips on how they can help their child use these skills in everyday life.

  • The SAS Teacher Tip Sheet Pack                                                                             

The SAS Teacher Tip Sheet Pack is provided to teachers incrementally, aligned with the child’s progress through the program. This pack contains information sheets, and questionnaires to help school staff support children’s social skill development.

  • The SAS Gadget Pack

The SAS Gadget Pack contains pocket-sized illustrated skill code cards, a code card holder, Emotionometers (emotion thermometers), sticker sheets, an ID tag, Fact File cards, invisible ink pen, Friendship Formula tube, stress ball, Skill Tracker cards and a graduation medal. These fun resources are introduced to children strategically through the program.

  • The SAS Drawstring Satchel Bag

The SAS Drawstring Satchel Bag for kids to carry their resources to and from session.


Simply order your SAS Family Kits online Delivered to your home, clinic, or school!

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SAS Session Resources Kit

The Secret Agent Society Session Resources Kit is used by your SAS Facilitator to play fun games with groups of children while they learn to stay calm, make friends and keep them. 


Once completing the 2-day SAS Facilitator Training Course, SAS Facilitators use the Session Resources kit and SAS Facilitators Manual to run the SAS Small Group Program.


The SAS Session Resources Kit contains the items for:

  • SAS Challenger Board Game
    • Game Board, Character Figurines, Figurine Stands, SAS Ball, Timer, Balloons, Dice, Corner Code Posters, Board Game Instruction Booklet, 7 sets of Challenger Board Game Cards (SAS Challenger cards, Meeting New People cards, Talking to Others cards, Playing with Others cards, Bullying and Teasing cards, Mistakes and Blunders cards, Change and Uncertainty cards)
  • Helpful Thought Missile Game
  • Secret Message Transmission Device Game
    • Including 6 x SAS Walkie Talkies!
  • Detection of the Expression Game
  • D.E.C.O.D.E.R Scavenger Hunt Game
  • Club Meeting Reward System
  • Staff Computer Game Access


To deliver the Secret Agent Society Small Group program in a quality-assured manner, organisations will require one SAS Session Resources Kit per four facilitators based at a service delivery site.

SAS Session Resources Kit

SAS Facilitator Manual

The Secret Agent Society Facilitator Manual is provided to your SAS Facilitator at their 2-day intensive training course.


The Manual guides SAS Facilitators through the chid and parent sessions to deliver the evidence-based program.

  • Program Planning
  • Assessment of Social Functioning
  • Overcoming Program Delivery Challenges
  • Introductory Parent Meeting
  • Modules 1- 9
  • Follow-Up Meetings 1- 2
  • Parent Meeting Presentation Guides
  • School Presentation Guide
SAS Facilitator Manual

To ensure quality assurance, the Facilitator Manual is only provided to professionals attending the SAS Facilitator Training Course.

After the 2-days of SAS Facilitator training, your SAS Facilitator will have a Facilitator Manual, a certificate to prove they are a trained SAS Facilitator and will equipped with the knowledge to offer you the SAS Small Group program.

SAS Facilitator Portal

The Secret Agent Society Facilitator Portal is accessed by your SAS Facilitator to stay up-to-date with the latest digital program resources for the SAS Small Group Program.

Your SAS Facilitator will be equipped with latest research, parent group presentation slides, school staff presentation slides, handouts, digital assessment forms, tips for facilitating SAS, session checklists, graduation certificate templates, promotional materials, and more.

SAS Poster Set

The Secret Agent Society Poster Set is an optional resource anyone can purchase to help them teach or remember the SAS skills.  

The Poster Set contains six A0 sized posters:

  • Emotionometers and body clues
  • Relaxation Gadgets
  • D.E.C.O.D.E.R Problem Solving Formula
  • Conversation Code
  • Play Code
  • Bully-Guard Body Armour
SAS Poster set provides great visual reminders

Stand-Alone Resources

We offer key SAS resources as stand-alone items that can be purchased and used at any time.

As a professional working with children, use these items flexibly to supplement your existing social and emotion skills work with children in clinics, schools, or home visits.

At home you can support your child to play the SAS Computer Game or even play the SAS Challenger Board Game at home as a family.

SAS Computer Game Pack

The SAS Computer Game Pack is ready for one child to play the computer game with a set of visual reminders to apply the skills shown in everyday situations.

This pack contains one SAS Computer Game Access Code and a selection of visual supports (the SAS E-Telligence Pack). These supports include Skill Code Cards, Relaxation Gadget Code Cards, Emotionometers and stickers.

The game access code gives one child 12 months of game-play and an option to extend for a further 12 months. A guide booklet is included to give parents and professionals advice on how to help children get the most out of the SAS Computer Game Pack resources.

The game can be progressed through from start to finish using your own special 'Agent Name' unlocking and saving progress each time you play, or alternatively, flexibly choosing targeted activities to teach particular skills. This can be done:

  • individually with one child (alone or with adult support)
  • with a small or large group of children viewing one screen 
  • individually with multiple children one at a time (without saving functionality  or unique 'Agent Names' for each child) 

The E-telligence Pack (below) is designed to provide each child with their own visual supports to keep when using the game with multiple children.

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SAS Computer Game Level 1
SAS Computer Game level 2
SAS Computer Game Level 3

SAS E-Telligence Pack

The SAS E-Telligence Pack is for using the SAS Computer Game with multiple children over time.

The SAS E-Telligence Pack contains the visual supports (i.e. Code Cards, Emotionometers and Stickers) that help children apply skills introduced in the Computer Game at home and at school. One pack per child is recommended if a computer game is being used with multiple clients or students.

SAS Challenger Board Game

The SAS Challenger Board Game helps children practically apply the social-emotional skills introduced in SAS through role plays and fun physical challenges.

The SAS The Board Game requires 3-6 child players and is facilitated by an adult. An instruction booklet gives tips on how to help children get the most out of board game play.

Players move around the board while role playing social and emotional skills from scenario cards of different categories, competing in mini challenge games. Skills that are highlighted include:

  • Meeting New People
  • Talking with Others
  • Playing with Others
  • Mistakes and Blunders
  • Bullying and Teasing
  • Change and Uncertainty


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SAS Poster Set

The Secret Agent Society Poster Set is an optional resource anyone can purchase to help them teach or remember the SAS skills.  


The Poster Set contains six A0 sized posters:

  • Emotionometers and body clues
  • Relaxation Gadgets
  • D.E.C.O.D.E.R Problem Solving Formula
  • Conversation Code
  • Play Code
  • Bully-Guard Body Armour


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Please note: Copyright restrictions prohibit the photocopying of published SAS resources unless otherwise stated.

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