Helpful Thought Missile Action Game

AUD $39.99


The SAS Helpful Thought Missile Action Game is a component out of the original SAS Small Group Program kit for SAS Facilitatator. These game resources are now available to purchase seaprately to top up your clinical/educational game resources or to play at home.

The activity supports the teaching of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy technique. Child are taught to identify unhelpful thoughts and change or replace them with more helpful thoughts. This teaching can be done through discussion, various thought matching activities, and using the Helpful Thought Missile Action game to find the helpful thoughts that will shoot down the unhelpful thoughts. Once children understand the concept of mathcing helpful and unhelpful thoughts, the analogy of using foam darts can be extended to the general identification of the child's own unhelpful thoughts and replacing them with their own custom Helpful Thought Missiles.


Each game contains:

  • 12 x Helpful Thought Missiles
  • 1 x Unhelpful thought wall banner (& 2 wall hooks)
  • 1 x Helpful Thought Missile launcher