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  • Monthly and annual payment options are available.

  • USA Services can sign up to SAS Provider Subscriptions early in 2021.

  • Contact SST to express your interest or discuss which provider package best suits your needs. 


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Please note: Current SAS Provider services wishing to transition to the new digital edition of the SAS Small Group Program will have the establishment fee waivered. Please contact SST to receive your transition coupon.

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It is recommended that organisations, decision makers and prospective facilitators of the SAS Small Group Program work collaboratively to explore their SAS options and progress using the following process:


  1. Review the SAS Implementation Guide

  2. Explore SAS Provider package options

  3. Collaboratively review the planning checklists that also form part of the SAS Facilitator Training Course application process

  4. Enrol individual team members in the SAS Facilitator Training Course utilising individual or pre-paid group purchase options

  5. Subscribe to an SAS Provider package and nominate an administrator

  6. Link your trained SAS Facilitator/s to your SAS Provider account


The SAS Small Group Program has Evolved!

For the last 10+ years, the SAS Small Group Program has been evolving as it transforms children’s lives across the globe. Now it is time to step into the future.
SAS has transitioned from the physical to the digital by combining family and facilitator resources within one integrated software package. The evidence-based content and program structure will now be accessed through an intuitive and engaging online platform that streamlines program delivery and participation for all users in face-to-face or telehealth sessions.
This new digital edition of the SAS Small Group Program is by far the most revolutionary yet!


All on a single platform

Everything you need to run the program will be in one spot, from training modules to manuals, it's all in one easy to access place.

Improved reporting

See child progress and reporting in more detail than ever. More data means better measures of program fidelity.

Greater accessibility

Enabling more people to have access to the program than ever before, with geographic conditions no longer a factor.

No more books!

The move to digital means there are no more books or other physical resources. Instead, all the resources are digitally stored for convenience.

Find out more!

Start 2021 with the new digital edition of the SAS Small Group Program. We look forward to bringing you the future of group program delivery!

Provider Packages

Become an SAS Facilitator

Enrol in the online SAS Facilitator Training Course for 2021. Complete the course at your own pace or as a coordinated group. Link with a subscribed SAS Provider and start transforming lives.

Become an SAS Assistant

Enrol in the online SAS Assistant Short Course for 2021. Complete the course at your own pace and start assisting SAS Facilitators in their group delivery.

Become a Senior SAS Facilitator

Apply to commence the Senior SAS Facilitator qualification. Demonstrate your skill in delivering the SAS Small Group Program. Unlock system functionality and be recognised for your SAS experience.