SAS Focus Group Invitation

Operation: Child Empowerment
How to adapt the delivery of your SAS Small Group Program (SAS-SG) via Online/Remote delivery modes.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are all having to rapidly shift to different models of working. Many of you were part way through an SAS Small Group Program and had likely started planning for your next round of groups.
The team at the Social Skills Training Institute are aware of the changes facing our global SAS community, and we are taking steps to help you empower children now, when they need it most!
One of these steps is to assist you in continuing your delivery of SAS Small Group Programs in new ways, support you with the commencement of future groups, and provide tools to use alternative SAS interventions over the coming 6-12 months and beyond.
We encourage you to share your ideas, experiences and anticipated barriers related to delivering the SAS Small Group Program to families via remote/online methods. Such methods may include:

  • Group video conferencing;
  • Individual video conferencing;
  • Combination of face-to-face groups and video conferencing;
  • Combination of Individual face-to-face sessions and group video conferencing, and;
  • Parent coaching for activities undertaken at home with family members.

If you have already shifted to delivering the SAS Small Group Program via online/telehealth means, or are planning to, please join our focus group and share your experiences! This is also an opportunity to learn from others who have also activated their O2 Regulators, flown their Thought Trackers, and used the D.E.C.O.D.E.R problem solving formula to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on service delivery.

This focus group will centre on the SAS Small Group Program.

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From all the team at the Social Skills Training Institute, stay safe and well.