SAS Digital HQ Progress Dashboard

Social Skills Training is very excited to announce the release of the SAS Digital HQ Progress Dashboard. This long awaited new functionality forms part of the SAS Digital HQ for all SAS Mentors (parents, teachers, and clinicians).
Designed for SAS Mentors to review an individual Cadet’s progress through the SAS Computer Game, the Progress Dashboard allows mentors to identify areas of strengths and areas that may need further development. It also provides easy to follow tips and summaries of learning outcomes.

Review the SAS Digital HQ Progress Dashboard Guide for assistance on how to access and share your Cadet's play and learning information.


Skill Tracker

For Cadets enrolled in the SAS Small Group Program, the SAS Digital HQ integrated Skill Tracker is now available.
SAS Facilitators will help families and school staff to  choose between using the physical card Skill Tracker and the new digital Skill Tracker.
Features of the new digital Skill Tracker include:

  • Multiple user access to one child’s tracker
  • Separate adult and child access
  • Built in Rewards Menu
  • Accumulating Bonus Credit
  • Daily Tally Time calendar reminders
  • Progress overview screen
  • And of course, fun coloured symbols (emoji’s)!

For instructions on how to access the Skill Tracker as an adult SAS Mentor or as a Cadet, please talk to your SAS Facilitator or review this Skill Tracker Access Guide