Now more than ever, using technology can be a great way to engage children in educational and therapy settings.

Social Skills Training Institute is very excited to be releasing dates for their newly adapted SAS Computer Game Workshop.  This is an opportunity to learn how to use the highly acclaimed Secret Agent Society (SAS) Computer Game Pack to teach children how to recognise emotions in themselves and others, express their feelings in appropriate ways and manage social challenges both now and in the future such as talking and playing with others during physical distancing, trying new things and bullying.

The workshop will be interactive, including small group activities and practise using SAS Digital Headquarters, and delivered using Zoom which is a multi-format video conferencing and online meeting and training solution.


One Day Workshop 

Full 1 Day Workshop:

  • Wednesday 17th June 9:00am- 5:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)*

  • Tuesday 16th June 4:00pm-midnight (Pacific Daylight Time - Los Angeles)*

*Please check workshop delivery times based on your region.


What is the cost of the workshop?

For Professionals joining us from Australia:

Workshop Attendance Cost:

  • Full 1 Day Workshop =  $150.00 AUD (exclusive of GST)

Optional: Fast Online Access – SAS Computer Game Pack $149.50 (exclusive of GST)

For Professionals joining us from outside of Australia, please use the apply now button and ensure you choose your region to see full pricing information.


How to apply

Register now for:

1 Day Workshop

Once registration process is complete you will receive an email with key information on how to access the workshop.


Workshop Learning Outcomes

The online workshop involves a mix of live multimedia presentations and interactive activities to up-skill professionals in how to optimally use the SAS Computer Game Pack resources. Learn how to support children to meet their learning or therapy goals in the current Pandemic context, and develop children’s skill generalisation at home and school settings.  

The workshop is delivered through the Social Skills Training Institute’s established interactive and live online training method.

In the Full 1 Day Workshop, learn techniques for:

  • Facilitating game play with individuals, small groups, or classes through remote telehealth methods
  • Meeting a range of individualised treatment and learning goals such as:
    • recognising simple and complex emotions in others
    • recognising the presence and intensity of own emotions
    • coping strategies for unpleasant feelings
    • identifying unhelpful thoughts and replacing them with more helpful alternatives
    • self-reflection and perspective-taking in social interactions
    • skills for conversation and play with peers (including online video interactions!)
    • considering the social consequences of one’s actions
    • responding to social challenges, such as coping with rapid changes, transitioning to distance education, keeping friendships during physical distancing, being bullied, trying new things, working as a team and making mistakes
  • Optimising transference of skills from the lessons or therapy to real life
  • Managing child resistance and other process issues


Who is the workshop suitable for? 

  • Teachers and other education support staff;
  • Allied Health professionals; and
  • Similar professionals working with children


What is the SAS Computer Game Pack?

The SAS Computer Game Pack is a fun, espionage-themed resource for flexible use by families or professionals. It is useful for individual work and group or classroom work in professionally lead sessions, parent-assisted sessions, or as gamified learning between sessions in an online/remote delivery format or in face-to-face classrooms and sessions.

The pack includes, access to SAS Digital Headquarters, a digital guide booklet for adults and digital SAS E-Telligence Pack resources. Both the digital and physical E-Telligence Packs (depending on which SAS Computer Pack you purchase) includes 14 skill code cards, 26 relaxation gadget code cards, two ‘Emotionometeres’ for anxiety and anger recognition and regulation, stickers, and a code card holder.

The E-telligence Pack is designed to provide each child with their own visual supports accessible through compatible devices, such as laptops, iPads and phones!

The new Fast Online Access SAS Computer Game Pack requires no shipment of physical resources! Perfect for adapting to the COVID-19 interruptions.

The Digital HQ levels include:

  • Games that teach children how to recognise simple and complex emotions in others from face, voice, body and situational clues
  • Activities that increase awareness of body clues and thoughts that signal the intensity of one’s own feelings
  • An electronic scene generator to help ‘junior detectives’ visualise and reflect on social interactions
  • Animated choose-your-own-adventure style missions that teach different ways of coping with unpleasant feelings and social challenges
  • A series of missions that help with applying skills from the game to real life
  • Interactive quizzes to test understanding and track children’s progress as they learn skills

Any questions?

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