Computer Game Pack

V2 CGP01
AUD $164.45

A stand-alone resource for use by families or professionals. The SAS Computer Game Pack features the four level computer game, a guide booklet and the SAS E-Telligence Pack resources.  This pack includes computer game play online for one child for 12 months (with an option to extend this time).

The game can be progressed through from start to finish using your own special 'Agent Name' unlocking and saving progress each time you play, or alternatively, flexibly choosing targeted activities to teach particular skills. This can be done:

  • individually with one child (alone or with adult support)
  • with a small or large group of children viewing one screen 
  • individually with multiple children one at a time (without saving functionality or unique 'Agent Names' for each child) 

The E-telligence Pack (below) is designed to provide each child with their own visual supports to keep when using the game with multiple children.

Please note: Computer Game Product Keys must be activated within 24 months from the time of purchase - once activated there is a 12 months licence to play the game followed by an option to renew for another 12 months of game play.


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